AMMITEC Software Quality Guidelines, September 2017

software quality 22B WEB 2AMMITEC presents a set of Software Quality Guidelines in an effort to revive a decade-old discussion to persuade all stakeholders that Shipping Software Quality needs improvements.

It is the product based on the work carried out by AMMITEC’s Working Group on “Software Quality”. It will soon be followed by more actions, namely a Survey aimed at Maritime IT Managers, a Conference call to Maritime Software Vendors, and other actions discussed during our November General Assembly.

AMMITEC is focusing primarily on the quality of the on board Software, for well-known reasons:

a. Reporting problems and communicating a solution is not as fast, easy and efficient as on shore. Time Zone differences, Language, Weather, and various operational problems impede this effort.

b. Crew training is limited due to lack of time and crew rotation.

c. For the stated reasons, on board software must be PERFECT (bug-free) and have the best-possible User Interface.

This set of Guidelines are based on ISO Software Quality Standards (ISO/IEC 25051:2014), address the quality of “Ready to Use Software Products”, and they cover most types of on board software.

The publication of these Guidelines aims to initiate a technical discussion between Software Vendors and Shipping Companies, which hopefully will lead to the improvement of on board software, achieving correct data, efficiency, effectiveness, learnability and many other characteristics discussed in our Guidelines.

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