Inmarsat - AMMITEC Fleet-Xpress workshop in Nemea

Inmarsat and AMMITEC have organized a full-day workshop at the premises of OTE Satellite NOC in Nemea, Greece.

The event was attended by more than 25 AMMITEC members from the IT departments of the largest Shipping companies in the Greek market.

All attendees enjoyed the warm hospitality of the local OTE personnel, as well as the sharing of knowledge and experience by the Inmarsat team.

The IT community had the chance to discuss several technical issues related to the new Inmarsat product, Fleet Xpress and clarify some grey areas on the service.

The Inmarsat team presentations shed a lot of light in some unclear topics and in particular:

  • Ka band and its susceptibility to rain fade
  • VoIP services through FX
  • Fair usage policy while in FBB “mode”
  • Availability of service in “crowded” areas
  • Comparison with the competition
  • Hard / Soft-NSD
  • Inmarsat Portal to monitor the service, traffic, outages, overages and possibly change plans or “buy” packages directly and not through the partners’ portals
  • Various types of antennas
  • Applications platform
  • Availability of the service in several areas where sat services are banned by default
  • Reliability of service / support / specific problems from Shipping companies

The interactive discussion and the replies to the questions provided the AMMITEC members with the assurance required to consider Inmarsat as a trustworthy communications provider.

The attendees also appreciated the direct interaction with the Inmarsat people, which gave them the freedom to ask questions that might relate also to the particular relationship of each company with its respective partner.

The workshop was followed by a wine tasting visit at the local “Palivos winery” and a dinner at a stylish Nafplio restaurant; memorable and exciting team bonding experiences for the AMMITEC members and the Inmarsat team.

The members of the AMMITEC B.o.D. welcome and encourage this cooperation as a new direct channel of communication between the IT community and Inmarsat.

Inmarsat - Ammitec workshop 2017-05-05 - Handout 

Please find also a link to a Google photo album with an impression of the day:


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