AMMITEC proudly supports the Digital Ship Maritime Cyber Resilience Forum Athens, Tuesday 25 April 2017, Novotel Hotel

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The cyber threat is growing across all sectors, and in this information era of the connected ship, and with the shipping sector's increasing reliance on technology and remote monitoring, maritime cyber security is no longer optional, but is business-critical.

But how many companies are ready to tackle the cyber challenge? And how resilient are they? Whilst the risk is real, it can be mitigated. How quickly and robustly a company can respond to this challenge will depend on how ready and determined they are, and on whether they are planning to invest in cyber preparedness. Are we witnessing a new security paradigm, where the focus is on prevention rather than simply relying on reaction?

Ship operators need to be confident that their procedures can deal with ever bigger and more sophisticated cyber-attacks and that that they are developing a safe, dependable, cyber capability in shipping.

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Digital Ship's Maritime Cyber Resilience Forum will bring advisors, end-users, technology providers and policy makers together, aiming to:

  • Understand, define and assess the threats and risk of maritime cyber-attack
  • Raise awareness of cyber security and risk issues and identify increased cooperation and information sharing mechanisms
  • Discuss appropriate regulation and guidelines for clearer standards throughout the industry, and with authorities


The Forum will contain plenary presentations and panel discussions in 5 focussed key sessions:


Session 1:     Facing the Cyber Threat: An Overview of Maritime Cyber Challenges and Focus on Building Resilience

Session 2:     Business Planning and Cyber Preparedness

Session 3:     New Developments in Maritime Cyber Regulations and Guidelines 

Session 4:     Training, Awareness and Human Factors

Session 5:     Viewpoint: Are We Cyber Ready? Conclusions and Actions


Speakers and panellists include:


  • George A. Tsavliris, Tsavliris Salvage Group
  • George Efthimiou, Gourdomichalis Maritime S.A
  • Charalampos Pylarinos, World Gaz Corporation                 
  • Dimitris Moutzouris-Lygeros, Motor Oil Hellas
  • Michael Owen, Marlink                                                                 
  • Nick Lambert, Satellite Applications Catapult
  • Joe Dauncey, Inmarsat                                                                  
  • Max J. Bobys, HudsonAnalytix, Inc.
  • David Patraiko, The Nautical Institute                                     
  • Roel van Rijsewijk, Deloitte's Center for the Edge
  • Steve Williams, Moore Stephens                                             
  • Bernard Twomey, Bernard Twomey Consulting Ltd
  • Nicky Pappadakis, A.G. Pappadakis & Co. Ltd                      
  • Howard Hughes, Tototheo
  • Dr. Nikitas Nikitakos, University of the Aegean                  
  • Svend Lykke Larsen, Palantir
  • Mark Sutcliffe, CSO Alliance                                                        
  • Jordan Wylie, Be Cyber Aware At Sea                                                
  • Rossella Mattioli, ENISA - European Union Agency for Network & Information Security    
  • Panagiotis Papagiannakopoulos, Ernst & Young Business Advisory Solutions S.A.


Event Website: http://www.athens.thedigitalship.com/ 



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