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Greek owners are cyber security leaders, October 2016, Marine Electronics and Communications

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The Association of Maritime Managers in Information Technology & Communications (AMMITEC) has published cyber security guidance to increase awareness in shipping. The Greece-based association created a team of IT and communications professionals to produce the Cyber Security Awareness document. This online document provides general information and guidance on cyber security to shipowners, operators and managers. It highlights the risk to electronic navigation and radar bridge systems of cyber attacks, and provides guidelines on how to improve email security and reduce the risks from removable media. The document also has a section on social engineering and social media.

The association’s cyber security working group conducts risk assessments and identifies the potential vulnerabilities of ship systems. Its goal is to enhance the security and protection of its members’ offices and fleet networks. Members of the AMMITEC cyber security working group include IT managers and chief information officers from ship operators including Navios Maritime, TMS Tankers, Costamare, GasLog, Eletson Corp, Maran Tankers Management, Andriaki Shipping Co and Gourdomichalis Maritime.

Eletson chief information officer Manos Kothris said AMMITEC is preparing a presentation to provide further information and guidance on cyber security. This will include the identified risk areas to shipowners, protecting ship networks, conducting independent security assessments, preparing and implementing a response plan, and keeping an updated IT recovery plan.



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