Who We Are

Welcome to AMMITEC, the Association of Maritime Managers for Information Technology and Communications. AMMITEC is a non-profit scientific association bringing together the ICT Managers of the global shipping companies and everybody else who is involved in maritime IT & Communications. It aims to promote the most efficient usage of modern Technology, the relevant best practices in the global maritime sector and the empowerment of the ICT professionals.

Membership - Full and Associate members

AMMITEC Members are organized in three different categories:
ICT Managers of Ship Owning or Ship Operating/Managing or Ship Broker companies as well as Government sector professionals and Academics who are involved with Maritime ICT are eligible to become FULL MEMBERS.
ICT Staff of Ship Owning or Ship Operating/Managing or Ship Broker companies are eligible to become ASSOCIATE ICT MEMBERS.
Everybody else who agrees with the AMMITEC goals and is interested to participate is welcome to register as an ASSOCIATE MEMBER.

Board of Directors

On the 19th of November 2015, the new BoD of Ammitec has elected the following BoD Members to the following positions:

  • Mr. Dimitris Makris - PRESIDENT
  • Mrs. Katerina Raptaki - VICE PRESIDENT
  • Mr. Tasos Makris – TREASURER
  • Mr.Achilleas Choursoglou – MEMBER
  • Mr. John Korbos – MEMBER
  • Mr.Stelios Sabanis - MEMBER
  • Mrs. Theofano Somaripa - MEMBER
  • Mr. George Bonikos - R. MEMBER

Association of Maritime Managers of Information Technology and Communications

Akti Miaouli 93, PIRAEUS 185 38 | E-mail: info@ammitec.org